30 miles east of Syracuse, NY the ASATI/Turning Stone Resort & Casino Golf Dome allows golfers to use every club in the bag without concern of hitting the walls or the roof of this huge 7 story high golf dome.  The golf dome clear spans 330’ long x 240’ wide x 75’ high provides a total enclosure over 79,200 sq. ft. combination driving range & putting greens.  A professional golf-training center, “The Dome brands Turning Stone as the regions premier golf destination,” says GM Craig Clark.  The ASATI golf dome joins three existing 180-hole layouts by Tom Fazio, Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Rick Smith.

The ASATI bias cable net dome Bias Cable Net Patent provides the structural rigidity for supporting 35 lbs. of snow load per sq. ft. & 120 mph wind.  The total interior of this huge dome is heated by the forced hot air heating system with automatic controls for maintaining 70 deg. within the structure when outside temperatures are as low as 20 deg. below zero.  The structure is made of 2 layers reducing the cost of heating the facility in half, while maintaining a highly translucent stay clean white envelope that provides over 1,000-foot candles of a natural outdoor lighting to the interior during the daytime hours without need of turning on expensive artificial lighting. During nighttime hours, the unique Daft Hanglite® lighting system provides 60 foot candles of glare free indirect lighting over the total interior.


Dimensions: 320’ diameter
Size: 70,000 sq. ft.
The Facility is up: Year round
Purpose: Golf Facility
Location: Ohio

Number of Lights: 28
Type of Lights: G-1 1,000 Watt Metal Halide Hanglite 
HVAC: Heating and Cooling
Fabric: Translucent White with Tedlar coating
Insulation: R-8 Thermal Construction
Cable System: Full Bias Cable Net System