The “Bubble”, as it is known, was conceived in 1983 when the University and the State of New Jersey made a strong commitment to the students for newer facilities.  The structure measures 230’ x 430’ x 80’.  The ASATI Rutgers sports dome is used for football, soccer and lacrosse and is surrounded by a 4-lane running track.

The structure features a Tedlar coated translucent outer fabric, allowing the participants to practice in natural lighting during daylight hours.

The structure is designed with the exclusive bias cable net system for allowing for structural rigidity of 35 lbs. snow load and 120 mph wind load.

60 DAFT HANGLITES provide 60 foot candles of indirect glare-free sports lighting over the entire playing areas.


Dimensions: 230’W x 430’L x 96’H
Size: 98,900 sq. ft.
The Facility is up: Year round
Purpose: Multi-Sport Facility
Location: New Jersey

Number of Lights: 132
Type of Lights: G-1 1,000 watt Metal Halide Hanglite 
HVAC: Heating and Cooling
Fabric: Translucent White with Tedlar coating
Insulation: R-8 Thermal Construction
Cable System: Full Bias Cable Net System