These two tennis structures engineered and erected by ASATI CEO Donato Fraioli in 1970 are the structures that are responsible for the recognition of the use of air structures for Tennis and created the growth of the indoor tennis industry worldwide. World champions frequently played in these two famous tennis air structure facilities. These Wall Street Racquet Club Tennis Domes received worldwide exposure from the filming of the Oscar winning movie “Annie Hall” movie staring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.

The interior of the two structures are heated by the forced hot air inflation heating system with automatic controls for maintaining 70 deg. within the structures when outside temperatures are as low as 10 deg. below zero. The double wall liner with the highly translucent stay clean white envelope cut heating cost in half while providing over 1,000-foot candles of natural energy free lighting to transmit to the interior during the daytime hours. This double wall R4 and later triple wall R8 insulating liners were Patented by Donato Fraioli.


Dimensions: (2) 60’W x 480’L x 40’H
Size: (2) 28,800 sq. ft.
The Facility is up: Year round
Purpose: Tennis Facility
Location: New York

Number of Lights:
Type of Lights: G-1 1,000 watt Metal Halide Hanglite 
HVAC: Heating
Fabric: Translucent White with Tedlar coating
Insulation: R-4 Thermal Construction
Cable System: Full Bias Cable Net System