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ASATI has designed, engineered, manufactured, and built practice domes for many NFL and NCAA teams including but not limited to, the New York Giants, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins.

Located in cities that experience hurricane conditions, excessive heat, and snowfalls in excess of 7 feet, these teams all chose ASATI to engineer and install air structures that not only meet, but also exceed building code requirements necessary to build in their locations. The typical NFL training facility houses a full sized NFL field with room around the perimeter for coaching staff, spectators, and equipment.

ASATI’s unique patented cable net system allows our air structures to be built to virtually any size, while affording athletes the ability to play and train in a structure that mimics outdoor playing conditions free of building obstacles that could affect the play of the game. Using translucent fabric, ASATI’s structure allows entry of up to 1200-foot candles of natural daylight. During nighttime hours, the DAFT Hanglite lighting system, which is suspended fro the structure, allows players and coaches to train in natural lighting conditions that have since been difficult to achieve with traditional pole lighting systems.

Whether you are looking for a sports facility to train the professional player, collegiate student-athlete, or the next rising superstar, ASATI and its partners can offer a complete turnkey package that will have you playing in climate controlled, HVAC-enabled air structure all year-round.